Thursday, February 15, 2018

That was nice!

"Night and Day" - "Change the Story" - "Knock Knock"
I recently submitted three pieces to a small works exhibit here in town and all three got accepted. It was a nice opportunity to show my work and meet people that may be interested in what I do. The motto of the exhibit was #50 @ $50", therefore fifty small pieces of art were for sale for only $ 50 each.

Naturally, I hoped to sell my three pieces. Not really for the money but because I wanted to see if my work is in demand and is able to compete with other artists' work. And, yes! All my three pieces were sold only five minutes after opening of the show. I am so thrilled!

On top of that, I was lucky to get three fantastic originals that I just love: One of them I gave to my dear husband for Valentine's Day (Liz Zanca's "Conversation"). Then there is this exquisite little painting by Julie Crews, "Behind the Bus."

And, of course, the wacky denture installation by Mashall Smith - titled "Hi, Mr Wilson" - was a no-brainer.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hey Peace

Peas, peach, peace - oh whatever.

I started this little peace piece last week and intended to submit it to an exhibit of small works. I had it all thought out in my head but something didn't look right when I was finished. So I put it on hold for a few days and submitted something else.

It's alright now, I think.

"Hey Peace"
Acrylics, watercolor, ink, storybook clippings, yellowed edges of book pages, on canvas panel, 8" x 8"