Friday, July 6, 2018


So my daughter Mona had a small part in the junior production of the local community theater again. After last year's magical Lion King experience, there was no doubt that she would try out for this year's Little Mermaid. I didn't watch her audition because I had a Plein Air painting competition during that time. But my friend, who took her to the stage said that she did quite well. Mona said, auditioning felt different this time. She said she was nervous, because she really really wanted to get in. And she did get in.

And I got a part, too. I was asked to make a nautical figure head for the main set piece, a ship front. So I built one from masking paper and cellulose, nearly life-size. She looked like Bob Marley first, mainly because I always place the eyes too high even though I know what the correct position is. Something in me makes me do that every time I sculpt a face. Even after I had corrected Marley's eyes she didn't take on a mermaidish image, and especially not Ariel's. I'm glad and honored
that everyone seemed to love Marley, the Mermaid.

Mona danced in the Under the Sea fish ensemble, and later she was a frog during the Kiss the Girl scene. Of course I was proud. My baby, up there.