Friday, April 19, 2019

Baton Rouge, again

Tomorrow my family and I will go an a little road trip to Baton Rouge to deliver my work to the FW Gallery. It's been fun to discover this city. We never had been to Louisiana's state capital before last December, even though it's only a less than four hours drive from Ruston. Now this changed when my piece "Life" got accepted into the "Surreal Salon 11" exhibit at Baton Rouge Gallery:  We went to drop it off, a few weeks later attended the reception party, and finally went back to pick it up when the exhibit was over.

So the owner of FW Gallery noticed my "Life" at BRG, and now I am having another exhibit in Baton Rouge coming up, only this time I will be able to show 22 pieces. This is quite wonderful indeed! The beautiful works by mixed media artist Cheri Fasy will be there as well.

Opening is next week, come by and say hi, if you happen to be in the neighborhood!

Monday, April 15, 2019

No Need to Cry

The faucet has just released some rain onto that pitiful little dog, and the clouds are full of tears, too. Why bother and cry when the whole world is crying already?

"No Need to Cry"
Mixed media: acrylics, edges from yellowed book pages, storybook clippings, ink, on canvas panel, 8" x 8"

Friday, April 12, 2019

Cold Butter and Dead Wood

I'm working on new pieces. I thought, this time I would stick with a certain theme and make a coherent series. A big allover theme feels more grown-up and advanced than singular images.

But my brain just doesn't work that way. I have all these different matters, issues, concerns, moods, thoughts in my head, and they need to manifest themselves simultaneously and immediately.  That's hard enough.

"Straight Up"
I have several recurring themes and some are just developing. I think, I will continue to make my pieces in whatever order they are coming to me, but I also will start sorting them under certain names until I have several coherent series of twelve or so.

One of the series would be titled "Cold Butter," you know things that slightly annoy you and happen all the time but are not big enough to make a big deal out of it. "Is That You?" could have been in the Cold Butter series but I sold it already.

"Dealing with the Past"
Another series would be "What Does Life." It's a terrific title and I paid $20 to my son Jacob who came up with it. I have done many pieces that would fall into this category. For example, "Life" and "I Love You I Need You" and "It's Not Too Late". I have just finished "Straight Up" to go with them.

Okay, how about "Dead Wood" for a series? This will be #1: "Dealing with the Past"

"Straight Up"
Mixed media: acrylics, edges of yellowed book pages, 1940s paperdoll clothes, clipping from vintage anatomy book, ink, on canvas panel, 12"x16".

"Dealing with the Past"
Mixed media: acrylics, ink, clippings from various books sources, ink, 12"x12".

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

In the Making

"Feeling Lucky"
Those art things are moving along nicely.

A few weeks ago I received the wonderful offer to show my work at the FW Gallery in Baton Rouge.

Opening reception is April 26th.

I am quite thrilled, to say the least.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Believe In Me

I made this piece for the annual ART ON 45 project. I call it "Believe in Me"

The muted colors of the rainbowish record label "UNI" suggested a unicorn theme without the kitsch but with some vintage flair. So I made a trance-like spiral background using yellowed edges from old book pages, and ink for dimension. The clippings are obviously Alice and some unicorn from another children's book. The sofa is from a 60s LIFE magazine. I like the idea of a deeply depressed or disappointed unicorn seeking psychological advice, thus the couch.

The title is a reference to "Through the Looking Glass" when the Unicorn says to Alice: "If you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you."

I added the letters "ntelligible" from a dictionary to complete the UNI because it makes sense. Or does it not? 

"Believe in Me"
Mixed media: yellowed edges of old bookpages, clippings from various books and LIFE magazine, ink, on 45rpm vinyl record.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


"#50@$50" is the name of the annual one-day exhibit for small works organized by the local Arts Council (NCLAC) which happened yesterday and where I had two pieces for sale.  There was a lot of traffic, and I am happy to report that both my works sold right away.

Works by Amanda Roe and Maryam El-Awadi

And even better: I invested the money immediately and took home these two very cool pieces:

"I Pulled My Skin Off For You" by Amanda Roe, and "Stirring" by Maryam El-Awadi. - I love them both a lot.

My two 50@50s

So, these are the ones that I had: "Hey Peace" and "What To Believe."
Markus, my husband, had two photos at the show which he took when we were living in Chicago: "Flowing" and "Leaving."

Markus' photography
We spent six years there and left for Louisiana when our first baby was just born. These two images reflect quite well how our life was up there and how we left.

Monday, February 4, 2019

What I Did With My Life

Dropping off my "Life"
 "Surreal Salon 11" - I came across that call for artists last fall. Someone had posted it on facebook, and I thought, I should give it a try. "Surreal Salon" is the annual exhibit of the Baton Rouge Gallery that celebrates pop-surrealist and lowbrow art. To be honest, until then I hadn't really labeled my work as being surreal. I hadn't labeled it as anything particular. I do what I do, and to me it's all real. But okay, let's call it surreal.

Loved the piece hanging to the left of my Life:
"The Adoration of the Golden Calf (Near Double Roads) by Rick Newton

The gallery received over 400 submissions. I entered three pieces, and I am proud to say that juror Camille Rose Garcia chose my "Life" to be one of the 63 selected pieces to be part of this spectacular exhibit. Sweet.

Last weekend, my husband Markus and I went to the Baton Rouge Gallery and enjoyed the Surreal Salon Soiree, a wonderfully weird party where people show up in the most bizarre costumes to create a surreal experience of its own. We enjoyed taking in all the fantastic works on the walls and bodies and meeting several of the amazing artists. I loved it!

One of my favorite pieces at the show:
"Companions" by Dan Barry
By the way, I didn't dress up because I felt it would have been one more task on my very long to-do list.

I think I still deserve a break after those many years of making costumes and funny hairdos for my kids when the school was having their storybook character day, or halloween, or Dr. Seuss day, or silly sock day, or whatever spirit day.

Anyways, it was a remarkable night and being part of such a significant show is very encouraging. Baton Rouge's paper, The Advocate, wrote about the event and show, and even included a picture of my "Life." Thank you!