Monday, February 18, 2019

Believe In Me

I made this piece for the annual ART ON 45 project. I call it "Believe in Me"

The muted colors of the rainbowish record label "UNI" suggested a unicorn theme without the kitsch but with some vintage flair. So I made a trance-like spiral background using yellowed edges from old book pages, and ink for dimension. The clippings are obviously Alice and some unicorn from another children's book. The sofa is from a 60s LIFE magazine. I like the idea of a deeply depressed or disappointed unicorn seeking psychological advice, thus the couch.

The title is a reference to "Through the Looking Glass" when the Unicorn says to Alice: "If you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you."

I added the letters "ntelligible" from a dictionary to complete the UNI because it makes sense. Or does it not? 

"Believe in Me"
Mixed media: yellowed edges of old bookpages, clippings from various books and LIFE magazine, ink, on 45rpm vinyl record.

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  1. Ha ha ha. DEEPLY depressed. Ha ha. Love this Christiane ;) I love how the label works with your spiral circles. I can often imagine little short story videos being created from your pieces. ;) Wonderful!