Friday, April 12, 2019

Cold Butter and Dead Wood

I'm working on new pieces. I thought, this time I would stick with a certain theme and make a coherent series. A big allover theme feels more grown-up and advanced than singular images.

But my brain just doesn't work that way. I have all these different matters, issues, concerns, moods, thoughts in my head, and they need to manifest themselves simultaneously and immediately.  That's hard enough.

"Straight Up"
I have several recurring themes and some are just developing. I think, I will continue to make my pieces in whatever order they are coming to me, but I also will start sorting them under certain names until I have several coherent series of twelve or so.

One of the series would be titled "Cold Butter," you know things that slightly annoy you and happen all the time but are not big enough to make a big deal out of it. "Is That You?" could have been in the Cold Butter series but I sold it already.

"Dealing with the Past"
Another series would be "What Does Life." It's a terrific title and I paid $20 to my son Jacob who came up with it. I have done many pieces that would fall into this category. For example, "Life" and "I Love You I Need You" and "It's Not Too Late". I have just finished "Straight Up" to go with them.

Okay, how about "Dead Wood" for a series? This will be #1: "Dealing with the Past"

"Straight Up"
Mixed media: acrylics, edges of yellowed book pages, 1940s paperdoll clothes, clipping from vintage anatomy book, ink, on canvas panel, 12"x16".

"Dealing with the Past"
Mixed media: acrylics, ink, clippings from various books sources, ink, 12"x12".

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  1. Love that you paid your son for a great title. LOL. :) Love that you echoed my thoughts. I should be more grown up and paint in themes and have pieces that got together. LOL Yup! And yup to the other half... the too many ideas not enough time, want to do them all. Love these both Christiane. The warmth and the spirit. And that they are undeniably your work ;)
    Have fun!!